Living in Portugal
Why Portugal
One of the best places to live
If you've already been here on holiday, why don't you stay to live?
In addition to all of the reasons that you are already aware of, you should know that Portugal offers attractive conditions for making your investment here.

Imagine living in a country where you can find a huge diversity of landscapes and environments in a small area: sandy beaches as far as the eye can see, golden plains and mountains, vibrant and cosmopolitan cities and a millennial heritage.

Here you can practice water sports, play golf on the best courses in the world, contemplate nature, experience the most novel well-being treatments, or just get out into the country and discover unbeatable heritage, wines and cuisine.


In terms of climate, our winters are mild and summers are hot and dry. Did you know that the number of hours of sunshine per year reaches values as high as 3300 in the south of the country and 1600 in the north, some of the highest in Europe?

The Portuguese

The Portuguese are gracious and friendly, welcoming all visitors regardless of where they come from. And, in fact, visitors do come here from all over the world, as the country is located on the western coast of Europe and, as such, is a point of entrance into the Schengen zone. A large part of the population speaks foreign languages, specifically English.


Portugal has an excellent geographical location. At the meeting point between three continents - Europe, Africa and America -, it has always been central to the most important international routes. Here you can find international airports all over the country - Lisbon, Faro and Porto have regular connections to major cities in the world.

Did you know that Lisbon is just two and a half hours away from Paris and London by plane? If you want to discover the beauties of Portugal, the country has a modern road network waiting to be explored: it only takes two hours to get from Lisbon to Porto or Faro, the major cities in the north and south of the country. Madrid is just six hours away.

The Country

With almost nine centuries of well defined geographical borders, a democratic parliamentary regime with political stability prevails in Portugal.

Portugal is a member of the European Union and forms part of the European Monetary System, using the European single currency. It is also the 46th most competitive economy, out of a total of 138 countries according to the 2016-2017 Global Competitiveness Index, produced by the World Economic Forum.

Portugal is the 3rd most peaceful country in the world among 163 countries (Global Peace Index 2020) and ranks 29th of 176 countries in Transparency International (Corruption Perception Index 2016).

Best Quality of Life

According to Numbeo, Portugal in 2020 is in 19th place in the quality of life ranking.

According to a study by Expat Insider (6th edition) based on data from 2019, Portugal had an impressive 3rd place in the world ranking with more than half of expatriates possibly planning to live in the country for the rest of their lives.

The study highlights the friendliness of the Portuguese and summarizes with the phrase "Life in Portugal is very peaceful, healthy and safe”.

Cost of Living

Most foreigners consider the cost of living to be low.

According to NUMBEO (Cost of Living in Portugal 2018 2015), the price indices are attractive: 

Tax Rules

Portugal is also one of the best countries for buying a house, because it has clear and transparent tax rules and offers facilities for obtaining residence permits, as part of new legal provisions that are more attractive to foreign investors.

It also has a special regime for non-habitual residents, aimed at attracting foreign investors through very favourable income tax rates.

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Source: Turismo de Portugal; AICEP