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FAQ - Buying a house

What land register documents can I request on the Internet?

You can request all land registry documents on the Internet, at, with the exception of commencing processes to justify, rectify or oppose a registrar's decision, regardless of the location of the building(s).

Where can I find a "Casa Pronta" service desk?

At land registry offices and service desks run by these offices at citizens' advice bureaux (lojas do cidadão).
See here for an up-to-date list of offices and registry services where "Casa Pronta" service desks are available.

You may use any "Casa Pronta” service desk, regardless of the location of the property that you intend to purchase.

What are the advantages of using "Casa Pronta" for property operations/transactions (e.g. buying or selling a house)?

All operations are carried out at a single point, thus avoiding journeys. It is a simplified process, with fewer formalities. It is low cost.

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