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FAQ - About residency requirements

If you are a national of a European Union country, how much time can you stay in Portugal without having to do any paperwork?

European Union citizens have the right to reside in Portuguese territory for a period of up to three months without any conditions or paperwork other than holding a valid identity card or passport, along with any family members in possession of a valid passport, accompanying or joining the Union citizen.

How can I obtain a permanent residency certificate (certificado de residência permanente)?

This document must be requested from an office of the Foreigners and Borders Service prior to the expiry of a residency certificate. You must make an appointment before going to the office.

What is a Residence Permit?

A residence permit (Authorization of Residence) shall be issued for the foreign national authorized to reside in Portuguese territory, which comprises 2 types:
a) Temporary residence permit - valid for 1 year from the date of its issue, renewable for successive periods of 2 years.
b) Permanent residence permit - with no expiration date, should be renewed every 5 years, or whenever changes occur with the identification elements therein registered.
For more information about the granting of Residence Permits, see the information provided by the Foreign Nationals and Borders Service here.

How to acquire Portuguese nationality?

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