Living in Portugal
  • Welcome to Portugal. Welcome Home.
  • Portugal was elected for the fourth consecutive year “Best Destination in Europe”
  • Lisboa, second top city of southern Europe...
  • Algarve, the most affordable option in Europe for retirees.
  • Portugal, the world's best golf destination
  • Algarve, one of the best winter destinations
  • Portugal is the 3rd most peaceful country in the world
  • Portuguese people are the 7th most welcoming...
  • Portugal, one the best 'Easy doing business Countries'
  • Lisboa, one of the top 50 cities in the world...
  • ClimateDid you know that Portugal has an estimated 3300 hours of sunshine per year, one of the highest rates in Europe?
  • Satisfaction
    SatisfactionOver 80% of the tourists who visit Portugal are satisfied with their trip and want to come back
  • PriceThe average housing prices in Portugal are very competitive compared to the main European cities
  • TaxationAdvantages of tax foreign earned income
  • SafetyPortugal is ranked as the 3rd safest country in the world among a list of 163 countries